Venue : Saint Dominic's Theatre

Merchants Street, Valletta 

Show duration : 1 hour 

Lowest Ticket Price : 6 euro 

(on Saturday 2pm show)

Highest Ticket Price : 15 euro  (VIP)

5% Vat included in price. 

Language : Mostly Visual

English Language is used in certain scenes.


This is a Seated Show 


School Performances Ticket Price - 6 Euro

Schools Kindly phone 79918857 for 

school group bookings. 


Public Performances Ticket Prices 

6 Euro, 8 Euro 10 Euro, 12 Euro, 13.50 Euro

14 Euro 15 Euro ( Very First Row ONLY)



Q. What is this Show all about?

A. Meet your hosts, Toy Soldier and Bubbly Fairy, who will take you to a wonderful fantastic ride full of laughter, stunts, bubbles and Magic while meet through the journey various fantastical characters, with a special appearance from an old classic comic of all times ( hint he wears a bowler hat)  - He remains "EPIC" through all times! International Performing Artists specialised in entertaining children through their unique skills rarely ever seen in Malta! 

Q. Where do I get my tickets?

A. You can buy tickets online on this same website by using a VISA credit card. Should you not have the above option, you can opt to use Mobile Pay or Revolut. For the latter, once you effect payment the tickets will be resent as paid. Should you use Mobile Pay or Revolut, kindly write down ticket reference and name as info on both Revolut or Mobile Pay so we can match ticket. Tickets will be automatically cancelled if not paid within an hour. This applies only for Manual online payment with Revolut and Mobile Pay. 


Q. Is it Interactive? 

A. It is super-duper highly interactive! 

Q. Who are the Artists?

A. The artists are coming with their unique skills from Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and of course Malta! You will be meeting some of the greatest skilled artists touring the world and you will have time to have your photos with them too !! How cool is that! !

Q. What ages would enjoy such show?

A. We suggest that such show is highly entertaining to children from three years upwards being very visual and stunning. Parents would appreciate the highly skilled technique used by such artists!  All children must have their own seat.  The Theatre is intimate and most of the times the artists will be reaching out for the kids.

The Theatre hosts not more than 200 pax. 

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